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Career Development Center

What is the Career Development Centre?

The aim of the Career Development Centre is to support the progression of university-educated members of BHM-affiliated unions that have membership with the centre, as well as the advancement of institutions with targeted career development. The centre is intended to incentivise institutions to support their employees in improving and harnessing their knowledge in their jobs, to add or update their qualifications and to provide them with opportunities to develop their professional capabilities and thus maintain their value to employers.

Who can apply for a grant from the Career Development Centre?

  • Members
  • Government institutions
  • Municipalities
  • BHM-affiliated unions
  • Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs on behalf of the treasury
  • BHM
  • Affiliated non-profit organisations

Which BHM union members can apply for a grant from the Career Development Centre?

Members of the following 19 BHM-affiliated unions are eligible for membership of the centre:

  • Academic Union of Ministerial Staff
  • Association of Social Educators
  • Icelandic Actors' Association
  • Icelandic Association of Biomedical Scientists
  • Icelandic Association of Social Workers
  • Icelandic Association of Directors
  • Icelandic Lawyers' Union
  • Icelandic Midwives' Association
  • Icelandic Occupational Therapy Association
  • Icelandic Physiotherapy Association
  • Icelandic Psychological Association
  • Icelandic Social Science Association
  • Icelandic Society of Radiographers
  • Icelandic Veterinary Association
  • Union of Economists and Business Academics
  • Union of Library and Information Scientists
  • Union of Natural Scientists in Iceland
  • Union of University Graduates
  • Prestafélag Íslands

The following 8 BHM-affiliated unions do not have membership with the centre:

  • Association of Icelandic Visual Artists
  • Association of University Teachers in Akureyri
  • Icelandic Architects' Association
  • Icelandic Musicians' Union
  • Reykjavík University Academics
  • Society of Broadcast Journalists
  • State University Professors' Union
  • Union of University Teachers

State employees acquire the right to apply for a grant as soon as they start their jobs. Other members must however pay union contributions for a period of six consecutive months in order to apply. Members who have paid contributions of 2,100 ISK or more have the right to the full grant, whereas members who have paid minimum contributions of 1,050 ISK have the right to half the grant.

Employers should pay into the Career Development Centre on their employees' behalf, whilst self-employed members can pay directly to the into the centre.

What does the Career Development Centre cover?

The following costs are claimable:

  • University fees
  • Course fees
  • Conference fees
  • Travel costs resulting from costs (a)–(c)

Studies must be at university level or recognised/quality-assured. Language and IT courses are also eligible.

How to apply

  • Applications are made through “ Mínarsíður ” (My BHM)
  • Sign in with Icekey (Íslykill) or digital ID
  • Invoices and receipts must be submitted in order for payment to be made
  • Grant payments are usually made every Friday
  • Code of Practice  for the Career Development Center
  • Allocation Rules