Private Sector Relief Fund

What is the BHM Private Sector Relief Fund?

The Private Sector Relief Fund is for members of BHM employed in the private sector. The right to allocations from the Private Sector Relief Fund is contingent on prior payment into the fund for a period totalling 6 months, thereof 3 consecutive months before the occurrence of the event leading to an application for fund allocations. If a member's contributions are less than 3,000 ISK a month, they are entitled to half the allocations. The employer should pay into the fund on their employees' behalf. Self-employed members can pay directly into the BHM Private Sector Relief Fund.

Expenses covered by the BHM Private Sector Relief Fund

  • Patient's daily expenses
  • Physical exercise subsidy
  • Physical and psychological treatment
  • Spectacles grant:
  • Maternity/paternity grant:
  • Cancer screening
  • Risk assessment from the Icelandic Heart Association
  • Laser procedures
  • Hearing aids
  • Dental repairs
  • In-vitro fertilisation treatment
  • Hearing aid grant
  • Death benefits
  • Work-related accidents or unexpected termination
  • Grant for travel expenses incurred due to adoption of children

How to apply

  • Applications are made through “Mínar síður” (My BHM). Sign in with Icekey (Íslykill) or digital ID.
  • Invoices and receipts must be submitted in order for payment to be made.
  • Payments are made every Friday.
  • Fund allocation rules (link)