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Vacation Fund

What is the BHM Vacation Fund?

The Vacation Fund (OBHM) is a fund paid into by the employer intended to facilitate members' enjoyment of a vacation. All members who pay dues to a union federated with BHM have the right to join OBHM. Members who have paid contributions amounting to 0.25% of their total salary have the right to apply to the fund. This right is forfeited as soon as payments into the fund cease. The employer should pay into OBHM on their employees' behalf. Self-employed members can pay directly into OBHM if they also pay directly to a union.

What does OBHM do?

  • Rental of holiday homes
  • Sale of airline gift vouchers
  • Sale of hotel vouchers
  • Sale of travel agent vouchers:
  • Sale of Camping Cards
  • Sale of Fishing Cards

How to apply, dates, deadlines etc.

  • Sign into OBHM's Vacation Page (Orlofsvefurinn) through Sign in with Icekey (Íslykill) or digital ID.
  • Payment for purchases can be made by credit card, or by calling the office on 595 5112 and requesting a booking. Payment is then made by bank transfer.
  • Applications for a new month always open at 09:00 on the morning of the 15th of every month, unless the 15th falls on the weekend or a public holiday, in which case applications open on the first business day thereafter. Applications for December open on 15th September, for example.
  • Summerhouses are available during the summertime on an allocation basis. The deadline for applications is 1st April. If more than one application is made for the same house at the same time, the member with the most points will be allotted the summerhouse.
  • The deadline for Easter applications is 1st March. The same allocation rules apply as during the summer
  • The deadline for applications for apartments abroad is 15th February. The same allocation rules apply as during the summer.
  • Allocations are usually made the day after the application deadline.
Online booking system for the Vacation fund of BHM.