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Vocational Training Fund

What is the BHM Vocational Training Fund?

All members of BHM-unions can apply for allocations from the Vocational Training Fund. Members who have paid into the Vocational Training Fund for six consecutive months have the right to apply for allocations from the fund. Contributions to the fund totalling 660 ISK or less entitle members to half the allocations. The employer should pay into the vocational training fund on their employees' behalf. Self-employed members can pay directly into the fund.

Expenses covered by the Vocational Training Fund

  • Courses
  • Education
  • Conferences
  • Symposiums
  • Study trips
  • Sightseeing trips

Projects must generally be related to members' jobs or area of employment to be eligible for fund allocations. Courses to improve general IT, language and communication skills are however eligible for allocations even if they do not directly relate to the applicant's job or university degree.

How to apply