Healthcare professions

Healthcare professionals seeking to work in Iceland must submit an application to the Directorate of Health for the recognition of their professional qualifications.

Legal standards

Healthcare professions in Iceland are subject to regulation under the Act on Healthcare Professionals (No. 34/2012).

This legislation sets forth legal requirements and licensing procedures for individuals working in various healthcare professions. Its purpose is to guarantee a high standard of healthcare services and to prioritize patient safety by defining the necessary qualifications of healthcare professionals when it comes to education, skills, and competencies.

The Act establishes guidelines that healthcare professionals must adhere to, outlining their rights and responsibilities.

Additional laws, such as the Patients' Rights Act and the National Medical Examiner and Public Health Act, also contribute to the comprehensive legal framework governing the healthcare sector in Iceland. These laws collectively ensure the provision of adequate care, protection of patient rights, and safeguarding of public health.

Application procedures

Directorate of Health grants licenses to healthcare professionals and issues certificates confirming valid licenses to practice.

Foreign healthcare professionals seeking to practice in their specialised field must apply to have their qualifications recognised by the Directorate. They are required to submit evidence of their professional qualifications, including diplomas, certificates, transcripts, and documentation of professional experience. Translations and notarisations may be required.

The application and accompanying documentation is assessed by the Directorate of Health. This assessment may include additional educational qualifications, professional experience, and, if deemed necessary, aptitude tests.

EEA law

EEA regulations governing the automatic recognition of professional qualifications for healthcare professionals who have acquired their qualifications in another EEA country are applicable in Iceland.

For further information please consult the Directorate of Health.

Additional information is available on the European Commission website Recognition of professional qualifications.

Proficiency in the Icelandic language

Healthcare professionals are expected to demonstrate sufficient proficiency in the Icelandic language, as required for their profession. However, these language requirements must be proportionate and necessary for the specific occupation and must be applied without discrimination.

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