Many university graduates opt for self-employment instead of traditional employment with a single employer. This offers a degree of independence in their work and may lead to a different career path.

Membership in BHM unions

Certain BHM unions welcome self-employed individuals based on their common educational background with members who work as employees. Please contact our service desk or send us a request for information.


Self-employed individuals negotiate prices for their services based on market conditions.

When setting their prices, the self-employed need to consider additional costs associated with running their business and social expenses.

BHM offers an online calculator that helps determine the appropriate price for services.

BHM social funds

Members who are self-employed have access to the services of BHM social funds, which provide financial support in relation to sickness and accidents, career development and holidays.

Occupational pension

Self-employed individuals are legally required to be affiliated with an occupational pension fund. Furthermore, all individuals legally resident are mandatorily insured for old-age and invalidity pension. See also a general overview of the social system in Iceland.

Social legislation

Self-employed persons are mandatory insured by law in various social programs, including unemployment benefits and maternity and paternity leave. For more information please contact the Directorate of Labour.

Professional qualifications

Access to professions that require university education and degrees are in many cases subject to formal recognition of professional qualifications and/or authorisation. These procedures apply for instance to the health care professions.


Self-employed individuals bear legal responsibilities regarding taxation and social security contributions.

For information regarding taxation and tax liability, please refer to the Icelandic Revenue and Customs Administration.

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