Do you know your rights on the Icelandic labour market?

Basic course for members of BHM unions who do not have Icelandic as their first language


BHM is inviting members of its unions, who do not have Icelandic as their first language, to attend a Basic Course on Employee Rights and BHM Funds. It will be held on the 19th of October at Borgartún 6, Reykjavík (3rd floor), between 12:00 and 13:00. The course will introduce you to minimum rights based on Icelandic law and collective agreements between member unions of the Association of Academics and employers. For example rights to minimum wage, holyday allowance, illness rights, maternity and paternal rights. Also a short introduction to the funds of Association of Academics; Relief funds for the public and private sector, Vocational Training fund, Vocational Training Fund and Career Development Center.

The course is open for members of all BHM member unions:

The Icelandic Veterinary Association (DÍ)
Reykjavík University Academics (FTK)
The Society of Broadcast Journalists (FF)
The Icelandic Society of Radiographers (FG)
Icelandic Social Science Association (FÍF)
The Union of University Teachers (FH)
Association of University Teachers in Akureyri (FHA)
The Association of University Graduates Ministry Employees (FHSS)
Icelandic Musicians Union (FÍH)
The Union of Natural Scientists (FÍN)
Icelandic actors association (FÍL)
Icelandic Association of Directors (FLÍ)
The Icelandic Association of Biomedical Scientists (FL)
State University Professors Union (FPR)
Icelandic Physiotherapy Association (FS)
The Icelandic Association of Social Workers (FÍ)
The Union of University Graduates (FRG)
Icelandic Occupational Therapy Association (IÍ)
Union of Economists and Business Academics (KVH)
The Icelandic Midwives' Association (LÍ)
Union of Library- and Information Scientists (SBU)
Union of Lawyers (SL)
Icelandic Psychological Association (SÍ)
The Icelandic Association of Social Educators (ÞÍ)
The Icelandic Architects Association
The Icelandic Dance Association
The Association of Icelandic visual Artists

Please note that the course will also be streamed live at