Career and professional development

BHM operates two funds that focus on professional development of its members, one that specifically services the public labour market and another that is a more horizontal application.

The Career Development

The Career Development Fund (is. Starfsþróunarsetur) aims to facilitate the advancement of university-educated members who work for state institutions and local municipalities. The fund encourages organizations to actively support their employees in leveraging and expanding their knowledge within the workplace, pursuing supplementary or updated education, and accessing opportunities for professional skill development. By doing so, individuals can enhance their employability and remain valuable in the labour market.

The Professional Development

The Professional Development Fund (is. Starfsmenntasjóður) aims to secure the financial support for lifelong learning and rehabilitation training of its fund members in connection with their work. The fund provides grants to fund members for attending conferences and courses directly relevant to their professional field. These grants can cover travel expenses, accommodation expenses, and conference fees.

The two funds operate in conjunction with the professional development opportunities provided to employees through collective agreements. These agreements ensure that employees have access to various avenues for enhancing their professional skills and knowledge. The funds complement these efforts by providing additional financial support and resources to facilitate the career growth and development of the employees.

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