Union representatives

A union representative within the workplace is elected by colleagues or appointed by the union itself.

A union representative acts as a bridge between the employer and employees within the same union, serving as a link between the two.

To formally hold the position of a union representative, an individual must submit a nomination or election form to their union for confirmation. This confirmation is necessary for enjoying the legal protections associated with the role. Such protections include safeguarding the union representative from dismissal while performing confidential tasks.

The union representative receives support from both the union's board and its employees, aiding in the resolution of tasks and issues within the scope of the union's responsibilities.

The specific duties and responsibilities of union representatives can vary significantly between different unions. Therefore, fostering a positive relationship with the union is crucial for effective representation.

For more information, please refer to our member associations.

The primary responsibilities of a union representative include:

  • Ensuring Employer Compliance: Monitor the employer's adherence to collective wage agreements, employment laws, and regulations related to employee rights. Take appropriate actions if any non-compliance is identified. Always contact the union for support.
  • Assessing and Suggesting Improvements: Evaluate collective agreement provisions and rules to identify areas that could be enhanced for better benefits or smoother implementation. Inform the union about such issues.
  • Addressing Employee Concerns: Listen to employee grievances and concerns, and advocate on their behalf within the workplace.
  • Representing the Union: Act as the representative of the union within the workplace. Communicate messages from union members to the union leadership and vice versa. Keep members informed about the union's policies and ongoing projects.
  • Welcoming New Employees: Greet and onboard new employees, introducing them to their employment terms, rights, and the activities of the union.

Overall, a union representative plays a pivotal role in ensuring fair treatment, effective communication, and representation of employees within the workplace and the union.

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