Work-life balance

Alignment between family and professional responsibilities promotes equality and equal opportunities for all genders in society.

The coordination of family and work life is reflected in regulations on maternity and parental leave, with the primary objective of ensuring that children can live with both parents.

The work-life balance is considered a joint responsibility of both managers and employees in every workplace. It is essential that both parties in the employment relationship adhere to the legal and contractual regulations concerning working hours and leisure time.

The objective of national legislation on equal status and gender equality is to prevent gender-based discrimination and establish and uphold equality and equal opportunities across all societal domains. The legislation identifies the reconciliation of family and professional life as one of the measures to advance this objective.

Employers are required to take actions that facilitate work-life balance for employees, regardless of their gender. This includes promoting flexibility in work arrangements and working hours to accommodate both employees' family circumstances and the needs of the business. Furthermore, it aims to support employees' smooth return to work following maternity, parental leave, or other urgent family situations.

Implementing an equality plan or integrating equality considerations into personnel policies are examples of how to implement the necessary measures that enable employees to effectively balance their family and professional commitments.

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