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Basic Course on Employee Rights and BHM Funds (taught in English)

19.október 2017

  • Staðsetning: BHM - Borgartún 6
  • Tími: kl. 12:00 - 13:00
  • Skráningartímabil: ekki skráð...

This course will introduce you to minimum rights based on Icelandic law and collective agreements between member unions of the Association of Academics and employers. For example rights to minimum wage, holyday allowance, illness rights, maternity and paternal rights. Also a short introduction to the funds of Association of Academics; Relief funds for the public and private sector, Vocational Training fund, Vocational Training Fund and Career Development Center.

Tutor is Andri Valur Ívarsson, BHM's Attorney at Law.

The course will be streamed live at